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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we've shipped our products on most continents so far and we are able ship to most countries.

  • Europe ~ 3-5 days
  • UK, North America and Mexico ~ 4-6 days
  • Middle East ~ 5-7 days
  • North Africa ~ 6-8 days
  • Asia ~ 7-9 days
  • Oceania ~ 8-10 days
  • Rest Of The World ~ 9-11 days

You will receive an email with the courier tracking number as soon as the order is delivered.

Our creative design and manufacturing studio is open to everyone. Therefore, we work with various customers and partners with different backgrounds and applications.
Besides our products, we offer a versatile production service that can be fully adjusted to the profile of the customer.
Our customers range from professionals with knowledge in design and 3D printing, to beginners and people without basic knowledge that want to have their new project 3d printed.

Yes. Our clients are spread all over the globe.

We work with plastics and ceramics.
We can print in a wide range of scales for both plastics and ceramics, from fine smooth surfaces to fast coarse layers.

Our design team that can take your project from concept to completion. Fell free to send us a detailed email with your request.

Of course. To get a cost estimation, feel free to submit your project details via email through our contact form.