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Armadillo Birch

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The Armadillo lampshade, with its signature organic light pockets, is a sculptural piece that adds a unique experience to your home. It was designed with light and shadow interplay in mind, made to look good both during the day and at night.



Composite material made of birch fibre and PLA, a renewable compound based on corn. Biodegradable in composting facilities.


S -  ø135 mm x 255 mm

L -  ø135 mm x 365 mm

Electrical Fitting

Not included. Compatible with most cable cords. It features a ø 42 mm gap for the cable cord fitting.

Light Bulb

Not included. We recommend a 300 mm long LED light bulb with warm light and low intensity ~ 400 lumen.


Use cold air from blow dryer to quickly and easily remove dust.


100% recyclable unbleached cardboard